Best paper

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Tobii best paper award and best PhD student paper award for SCIA 2017.

Tobii Best paper award


Robust and Practical Depth Map Fusion for Time-of-Flight Cameras

Authors: Markus Ylimaki, Juho Kannala, and Janne Heikkila






Best PhD Student paper award


Deep Kernelized Autoencoders

Authors: Michael Kampffmeyer, Sigurd Løkse, Filippo M. Bianchi, Robert Jenssen, and Lorenzo Livi






Best PhD Nordic PhD Thesis Award


A Quantum Mechanical Spectral Graph Partitioning Method for Salient Object Detection

Author: Çağlar Aytekin (Tampere University of Technology)


Committee: Per-Erik Forssén, Rasmus R. Paulsen, Abdenour Hadid, Kajsa Møllersen




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