Submission guide for authors

Submission guidelines

Oral and poster preparation

  • For the oral presentation, authors are asked to prepare a set of slides for a talk of 15-17 minutes.
  • For the poster presentation, the walls available to affix the posters are 2.40 meter-tall and 1 meter wide. Authors can produce posters with both horizontal or vertical orientation, given that the provided limits are respected.



Copyright submission

Authors whose paper has been accepted for presentation in SCIA 2017 must download and compile the Springer copyright form, necessary for the publication in the Springer proceedings. The copyright form must be compiled as follows:

- Title of the Book or Conference Name: SCIA 2017.

- Volume Editor(s): Robert Jenssen, Puneet Sharma, Filippo Maria Bianchi.

- Title of the Contribution: title of the paper submitted to SCIA 2017.

- Author(s) Name(s): complete names of all the authors of the paper submitted to SCIA 2017.

- Corresponding Author’s Name, Address, Affiliation and Email: information of the corresponding author of the paper submitted to SCIA 2017.


The copyright form must be signed by the corresponding author of the paper and the three boxes in the end must be checked, only if one of the categories apply.

Once the form is filled, it must be scanned and converted ina PDF file, which has to be sent along with the files required for the camera ready version of the manuscipt, before April 4.


The copyright form can be downloaded here.



Camera ready submission

Papers accepted for presentation must be resubmitted by April 4 at this link.

The resubmission must consists of 3 different files:

1) the source files (LaTeX or Word) of the revised version of the manuscript. If your manuscript is written in LaTeX, you must ensure to provide all the figures, bibliography and additional manuscript files necessary to compile the final PDF. All the files should be included into a single ZIP file;

2) a separate file containing the answers to the reviewer comments, explaining how you addressed their critics and suggestions in the revised version of the manuscript;

3) a signed version (in PDF) of Springer copyright, available for download at the link above.




Paper will be accepted for both oral and poster presentation. The maximum allowed length for a paper is 12 pages (single column), including references and appendices (if any).

Paper submissions are not anonymous, i.e. authors should write their names and affiliations in the paper submitted.



How to submit a paper

The papers can be submitted by following this link. We accept submission of full paper PDF format of a maximum size of 20MB. The abstract part of the full paper should not exceed 250 words and it is strictly limited to have a number of characters lower than 2000.

Further instructions for the submission will appear during the submission procedure, by following the link above.



Paper preparation

For your convenience, we have summarized in the Author Guidelines document how a proceedings paper should be structured, how elements (headings, figures, references) should be formatted using our predefined styles, etc.

We also give some insight on how your paper will be typeset at Springer. The PDF of the Authors Guidelines can be downloaded here.


Papers can be submitted in LaTeX or Word format.


  • LateX2e: we want to add hyperlinks to your manuscript in the online version, so we recommend the use of LaTeX2e for the preparation of your camera-ready manuscript, together with the corresponding Springer class file. The ZIP archive with the LaTeX template and relative instructions can be downloaded here.


  • LaTeX: we also provide the LaTeX2e source file of the "Authors' Instructions," which may serve as a further sample input. The ZIP archive, which contains a separate LaTeX file for the text and EPS file for the figure, can be downloaded here.


  • Word 2007: we do not encourage the use of Microsoft Word, particularly as the layout of the pages (the position of figures and paragraphs) can change between printouts. However, we do provide the relevant template. Please read the explanatory typing instructions "SPLNPROC Word 2007-2010 Technical Instructions.pdf" contained in the ZIP archive carefully. The template can be downloaded here.


  • Word 2003: A document template has been prepared by Springer for use with Word 2003. Predefined style formats are available for all the types of content that are part of a computer science proceedings paper, and these formats can be easily accessed via special toolbars. The ZIP archive with the template can be downloaded here.




Original research papers

The research papers must neither been published nor submitted for publication elsewhere. Preprints (such as Arxiv) are allowed.



Double submissions

Is it possible to submit a paper currently under review to other conferences, while the final decision of its acceptance it is still being evaluated. In this case, authors should notify their final decision within 10 March 2017.

Other deadlines apply according to the established dates.




Papers accepted for the SCIA 2017 conference will be published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science Proceedings, Springer.

On the printed paper version, all figures will be in black and white.



Journal publication

Authors of best papers will be invited to submit extended versions (at least 30% of new content) of their work to be appreciated for publication in a Fast Track submission process of the Elsevier Applied Soft Computing (ASOC) Journal.

ASOC is an international journal and the Fast Track event strictly follows peer-review standards.


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